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Anokhi and Rajasthan

Anokhi Fashion arriving soon

“Rajasthani traditional fashion from the heart of Jaipur, northern India”

“I am so excited we’ve managed to be the only Anokhi fashion supplier in York. We are expecting to have the Anokhi clothing in store this Spring”, Anne McCrickard, business owner.

A bit about the brand

Founded in 1967 Jaipur northern India husband and wife team Faith and John Singh are the creative forces behind Anokhi. The Singh’s brand direction is strongly lined up with revitalising traditional Rajasthani handicrafts such as hand block painting. What’s the connection with Monsoon clothing?

In the early 1967’s big high street brand Monsoon was originally a little known boutique known as “Liberty of London”. It was in these early years Anokhi clothing became available but around the 1970’s “Liberty of London” morphed into brand Monsoon and parted company. For a short while Anokhi clothing became unavailable in the UK.

But in 1986 three former employees of Monsoon established EAST and re engaged with Anokhi inviting them back to sell their handcrafted, artisan fashion lines. Fast forward to 2016 now we are part of the Anokhi story. We are on the supplier’s list which is good news for all our clients and we promise as soon the Anokhi range arrives this year we’ll keep you posted.

Ok enough talk show me!

We’ve scraped Google so you don’t have to. Enjoy exploring the Anokhi look: