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Ayala Bar: Intricate hand-made jewellery from Israel


Highly collectable around the world, Ayala Bar’s quirky, beautiful pieces are all hand-made in small quantities from her Tel Aviv studio.

Ayala is inspired by the materials themselves, putting beads, tassels, fabric, thread, glass and metals together, playing with colour and texture and creating tiny, intricate works of art.


She also draws on her cultural heritage – sometimes unwittingly.

My grandmother, who is still alive at the age 104, emigrated from Afghanistan to Israel in the 1920s.’ she recalls.

Ayala Bar necklace

‘She carried her baby for most of the 2000 mile journey. This baby was my father. At one point, I visited a museum featuring jewels from Afghanistan. As I walked through the gallery, I was amazed. I noticed the parallels between the artifacts on display and my own work.’

Ayala Bar jewellery isn’t cheap but when you consider the intricacies of every hand-made piece, the unique beads and finishes created in the studio and the fact that her team are skilled craftspeople, the value of each individual piece becomes clear.

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Ayala Bar jewellery