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Ewa i Walla and the link to Sweden’s past

Ewa i walla history

What does Dolce & Gabbana, Levi Strauss & Ewa i Walla have in common?

They all draw creative inspiration from bygone farming practices

Dolce & Gabbana’s Carretto Siciliano 2016 collection with its kaleidoscopic of multi-coloured prints is inspired directly by Sicily’s bygone usage of elaborately painted farming carts. Carved and painted with scenes from Sicily’s folklore they were pure head turners right up until the 1920’s when hoarse drawn carts gave way to Tractors.

Levi Strauss popularised Dungarees from its origins as work wear for mid West US farmers in the 1790’s to an essential fashion accessory for the Hip Hop movement of the 1990’s. Interestingly for all etymology fans the word “Dungaree” has its origins in Dongri an area in Mumbai and its from here the famous Dungaree cloth was originally produced.

Ewa i Walla’s 2016 Summer collection has roots in Sweden’s 5,000-year-old farming tradition. In a time when people lived in farming villages this bygone agricultural society rich in decorative arts, music and costume is reflected in this summer’s Ewa i Walla’s range.

For Sweden’s historical farming cultures summer was celebrated with a vigour fitting to a society that had survived a Subarctic Winter and that energy and enthusiasm for life is emulated in the playfulness and historical notes of Ewa i Walla’s dress’. But don’t take our word for it we’ve got them in stock now, go take a peek