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Mara Gibbucci


Mara Gibbucci

Mara Gibbuci coats incorporate Alpaca wool, a natural eco friendly fabric that has attracted every Italian designer ever since Dolce & Gabbana bought their first sewing machine. The designer community agree Alpaca wool has 4 qualities that combine to offer a coat quality that synthetic fabrics can’t rival.

Warmth: Alpacas survive in Baltic winter conditions and summer heat thanks to their furs which when looked under a microscope are jammed with microscopic air pockets. When you buy a Mara Gibbuci coat you’ll stay cosy warm in winter and just right in summer.

Weight: Despite its outstanding thermal qualities Alpaca wool is surprisingly light. Typically “big” coats feel heavy and sluggish but little Alpaca legs are not burdened with a heavy coat and neither will you be.

Strength: Bobbling & snagging can often be-devil natural fibre coats leaving some with a fuzzy look and in desperate need of the Remington fuzz away treatment. Thankfully Mara Gibbuci coats armed with Alpaca are tough and snag resistant keeping their good looks for years.

Texture: When you first wear one of Mara coats you’ll instantly feel cosy and the urge to stroke your new coat is irresistible as Alpaca wool has a silky soft texture. So pop in and feel for yourself why Mara Gibbuci’s Alpca blended coats score 10/10 on stroke ability ;-)[shop]