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Out of Xile: Timeless clothing from the English seaside


Out of Xile: Timeless clothing from the English seaside

By Cindy Harley Campbell


From its HQ in sleepy Kent seaside town Deal, Cathy Hewlett’s business Out of Xile sets out its stall as a creator of effortless chic, blending soft colours with subtle details.

As designer and owner, Cathy insists on natural fabrics for the luxury English brand, putting each through a detailed dyeing process to achieve a soft, worn-in look with subtle variations.

Each carefully-designed piece is stitched and dyed in England and the design team is constantly inspired by the seaside landscape on their doorstep.

Cathy is passionate about encouraging women to wear what they love, explaining, ‘Life is too short for you not to have fun with fashion. Celebrate your body!’

That’s part of what makes Out of Xile so popular with Maude & Tommy customers; each collection is designed to encourage women to wear what makes us feel confident.

Cathy draws much inspiration from what she wants to wear day to day and how she wants her body to look, often looking through past collections as a starting point.

The slow fashion ethos runs strongly through the brand. As Cathy said in an interview with James Lakeland, ‘A customer of mine still has a jacket that I made in my very first collection!’

At Maude & Tommy, we often recommend Out of Xile as eventwear with a twist. It’s popular with customers looking for something that little bit different for the races or for weddings – even for the bride herself. And with garments that stand the test of time as well as these, you’ll still be wearing them in several years’ time.

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