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PRIVATSACHEN Dress Care Instructions

Privatsachen dress care instructions

“How to preserve those crinkles”

BO2P1532final_webWe’ve contacted Privatsachen HQ in Hamburg and got a copy of the original care instructions so you can preserve those gorgeous crinkles.

If you don’t want to download the guide here’s our Privatsachen dress care instructions. First the washing bit:

  • We say yes to hand washing and no to a machine wash
  • We say say yes to luke warm water we say no to freezing cold
  • We say yes to using baby shampoo and no to regular detergents
  • We say yes to rinsing in cold fresh water no to hot

Now the drying bit

  • We say yes to drying in a warm naturally lit room we say no to drying on a radiator or in direct sunlight.
  • We say yes to twisting the garment into a rope shape we say no to throwing it onto a clothes horse
  • We say yes to creating a half knot shape with your dress (10 points to you if you can remember this one from your Girl Guides days!). We say no a figure of 8 knot
  • We say yes to a good 24 hr drip dry we say no heading to the tumble dryer, the silk wont like that
  • We say yes to unravelling and storing on a clothes hanger we say no to leaving it in a twist.


Download the Privatsachen care instructions here