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Helena Bonham Carter and Ewa i Walla


Film star & fashion maverick Helena Bonham Carter we like a lot at Maude and Tommy.

Described by Vogue as “A style original” she’s made some iconic fashion statements. But the photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar got us very excited, she chose Ewa i Walla no less, a label we stock at Maude and Tommy. The photographer is worth a mention too, it’s John Swannel whose clients include, Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, Sir Elton John and Rod Steward to name but a few.

When once asked to share her philosophy on life Helena gave the following thoughtful reply:

“Be yourself. No one else can be”.

Helena Bonham Carter and Ewa i Walla

Great advice and one that uncannily mirrors the independent sentiment of Ewa i Walls’s 2016 fashion statement:

“The clothes are designed based on strong characters of yesterday, today and tomorrow, that exemplify the qualities of being independent and passionate”, Ewa i Walla.

Swedish perception

With high profile endorsement from Helena Bonham Carter perhaps the time is fast approaching when the average Brit will no longer associate Sweden with Abba, Ikea and meatballs and fashion will be added to our mental checklist of what is Swedish.

Download Ewa i Walla’s 2016 fashion statement here: