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Indian kantha quilting and embroidery


Vibrant, unique, surprising – and one of the oldest forms of upcycling. What’s not to love?


We’re talking about the Indian embroidery form kantha – a straight stitch quilting technique done in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Using simple running stitches in different variations, thrifty quilters sew used cotton or silk saris into beautiful bedding.

Some are quilted with simple rows of running stitches; others are intricate and dense with stitch patterns. Whatever the style, it’s a truly ancient tradition – kantha is as old as the first woman who took her old sari and lovingly made it into an object of comfort for her family.

Today, kantha work is used for so much more than just bedding. We stock a wide range of kantha dresses, coats, clutches and scarves – most are reversible, giving you two looks in one!

The uniqueness of the fabric and the consequent garment mean that no two garments ever the same, so it’s a wonderful look for individualist dressers, who want to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re reluctant to go for simple and inexpensive ways the full on kantha look why not add a bit of colour and individuality to your dress by carrying a kantha bag or purse? Or wear a kantha scarf – many of our most stylish male customers have snapped up scarves in a rainbow of colours.

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