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Manicay Hands & Loom indigo stripe silk kaftan

Manicay Hands & Loom indigo stripe silk kaftan

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A beautiful silk kaftan.

Available in a variety of colours and pattern designs, these kaftans are simply elegant and super easy to wear. Versatile, they pack beautifully and are great for layering up and accessorising.

Loose and flowing sitting just above the knee, the kaftans come in one size.


Length: 80 cm

Width: 66 cm


100% silk

Care instructions

Dry clean only


Manicay Fairtrade began as a small local community of hand-loomers in India in the late 1980’s.

After the success of their first outing  in Delhi the company's founder, Kaka (as he is affectionally known) was inspired to learn the craft of weaving himself and in turn, to teach members of the local community in his newly founded workshop.

The company grew organically and successfully, whilst reviving the art of Hand Loom through embracing and harnessing the talents of local artisans. They continue to reach a diverse clientele. Manicay Fairtrade now have over 8 workshops in India, Nepal and Tibet, where they provide space and the free use of materials, ensuring every individual is also paid fairly. Working on wooden hand-looms and hand-colours dyes, each garment is crafted using traditional practices and techniques.

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